The Hotel

 A stay in one of the 70 casitas dotting the jungled property—each with a retractable glass wall and a private pool—grants access to the sprawling 17,000-square-foot spa, whose treatments, like the suite’s décor, incorporate local Mayan elements. That means a focus on restoration and weaving ancient wisdom into modern modalities. The overarching goals are purification, balance and transformation.


  • Tranquil and Elegant
  • Open, yet Intimate Villas 
  • Luxurious Spa and Restaurants
  • Live like the Maya Nobility: on the shore, in a villa surrounded by the jungle
  • The Spa is a refuge carefully crafted to renew the soul as well as the body by integrating ancestral and contemporary wisdom
  • Endulge in fine seafare on a hedonistic journey guided by acclaimed Executive Chef Jorge Vallejo