The Hotel

Here, a more authentic, complete wellness can be experienced. A place surrounded by nature with access to healthy organic food and happy people from the community working for the destination retreat, contributing with their wisdom and traditions. Part of what gives Chablé Spa & Resort its unique essence is duality; that eternal dance between two opposing forces which strengthen each other. Shamanism combined with luxury, ancient healing techniques with modern science: these combinations come together to provide extraordinary and unique wellness results. 

  • Focus Placed on Wellness
  • Past Meets Present
  • Truly Inviting and Intimate
  • Modern science, Mayan wisdom, a subtle cosmic influence and the abundance of Mother Nature, all come together to create an authentic wellness experience
  • Theirka’anchés-to-table culinary experience is based on vegetables and herbs that are sourced in their own Mayan Garden
  • Each Casita lies amid the lush gardens, where nature can be fully enjoyed