"I want to thank everybody..all our partners, all the travel agents that have been hanging on with us. I know it's been very tough for everybody. We have been committed to you guys. I am very proud to say that as of today, every client has been refunded and all prepaid travel has been paid commission even if the client isn't traveling for another year. We are here to support the travel trade. Soon we'll see the end when we will all be ready to travel. So thank you for sticking with us and let me know if you have any questions. Everyone at Voyage by Pascale is working from home and ready for your questions and your emails. Be safe and healthy."

Since 2007, Voyage by Pascale has kept luxury as the sole focus.

 As a boutique wholesale company here to serve the luxury travel community, we have curated an exclusive collection of hotels, resorts, and villas in the Caribbean, Mexico, Central America and most recently, Paris

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April 30
Update Hotel Closure Report

As we end a full month of shelter in place, we hope that you found solace in knowing that we are committed to you through the good and the bad.

Up-to-date, every client has been refunded and all pre-paid travel has been paid commission even though clients are not traveling until next year.


Below is an updated list of hotel closures.

The information below is updated as of April 30, 2020.

´╗┐As promised, we will continue to do our part and update them as we receive information from our hotel partners.